Il Tempio dell'Incoronata

Short history At the end of the Fifteenth century in “Contrada dei Lomellini” (now Via Incoronata) there was a house of ill fame. An image of the Virgin Mother was frescoed on its facade.
Brawls, duels, quarrels, in which drunks and prostitutes were involved, happened every day. While one of these brawls was taking place, according to the legend in September 1487, the image of the Virgin Mother began to cryand invited the people who were present to build a church dedicated to her in that very place.
The town Government, whose intention was to close that house of ill fame, took the advantage and had it pulled down. Then they called an architect from Lodi named Giovanni Battaggio, formerly one of Bramante’s pupils, to realise the project of the church.
The first stone was laid on May 29th, 1488, but after about an year Battaggio had a quarrel with the purchasers and broke the contract…. Continue